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What does it mean to be restless? Restlessness is the unwillingness to remain still, quiet, and calm. Never at rest, unceasingly agitated, as in a “restless sea.” Restless describes what happens when our tongue is consistently out of control and no restraints are present and practiced. It cannot be quiet or remain still and calm. Other translations describe the tongue as “unruly.”

The book of James, also known as “James the Just,” is probably the oldest book of the New Testament.  It was written for Jewish Christians scattered among all the nations (James 1:1). James was writing to a community of believers to encourage them to continue maturing and growing in their new Christian faith. One area their new Christian faith demanded of them was the use of their tongue and the importance of their words.

A Restless Evil challenges the reader to begin taking inventory of their tongue. James wants us to know that our words are not just floating sound waves caused by air traveling through our larynx. Our words have power! Our words are so powerful that the Bible announces they can cause “life or death” (Prov. 19:14). The power of our tongue can destroy another person’s spirit in many ways. Mentally, spiritually, and in some cases, physically. A judge's or jury’s verdict can cause someone’s life to travel a path they never imagined. A weather reporter can predict the degree of weather we can experience by his words. God spoke the world into existence by the power of His words (Gen. 1:3–29).

A Restless Evil will convict, captivate, and catapult you into another dimension of discovering that your tongue is a “restless evil” full of venomous poison—challenging to tame!


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